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Titel Morning Glory
Komposition Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett, 1967
Originalinterpret Tim Buckley
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Gefundene Versionen
Interpret Titel Label/Jahr Platz
Tim Buckley "Goodbye And Hello" Elektra, 1967
Blood, Sweat & Tears "Child Is Father to the Man" Columbia, 1968
Linda Ronstadt "Stone Poneys And Friends Vol. III" Capitol, 1968
Fairport Convention "Fairport Convention" Polydor, 1968
McKendree Spring "McKendree Spring" Decca, 1969
Decameron "Third Light" Transatlantic, 1975
#Deidre Rutkowski, Louise Rutkowski "Filigree & Shadow" 4AD, 1986
Isaac Guillory "Live" Personal, 1988
Tim Buckley "Dream Letter - Live In London 1968" Demon, 1990
Tim Buckley "The Peel Sessions" Strange Fruit, 1991
Tim Buckley "Morning Glory" Band Of Joy, 1994
Iain Matthews "The Dark Ride" Watermelon, 1994
The Skip Heller Generation "Lonely Town" Twin/Tone, 1997
Chrissie Hynde "Bleecker Street - Greenwich Village In The 60's" 1999
Simon Raymonde, Anneli Drecker "Sing A Song For You (Tribute To Tim Buckley)" Manifesto, 2000
Songs To The Siren "Songs To The Siren" E=MC², 2007
Tim Buckley "Newport '68" FM Concert Broadcasts, 2015

I lit my purest candle close to my
Window, hoping it would catch the eye
Of any vagabond who passed it by
And I waited in my fleeting house

Before he came I felt him drawing near
As he neared I felt the ancient fear
That he had come to wound my door, and jeer
And I waited in my fleeting house

"Tell me stories," I called to the Hobo;
"Stories of cold," I smiled at the Hobo;
"Stories of old," I knelt to the Hobo;
And he stood before me in my fleeting house

"No," said the Hobo, "No more tales of time;
Don't ask me now to wash away the grime;
I can't come in 'cause it's too high a climb,"
And he walked away from my fleeting house

"Then you be damned!" I screamed to the Hobo;
"Leave me alone," I wept to the Hobo;
"Turn into stone," I knelt to the Hobo;
And he walked away from my fleeting house