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Titel The Devil's Got My Number
Komposition Michael Mann, 2015
Originalinterpret Waiting For Louise
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Waiting For Louise "Musings In Stereo" E=MC², 2019

The devil’s got my number,
I don’t know when or whence
But I know it’s better to be polite
Cause the devil’s not a patient man
And the devil’s got my number

He says he’s got a problem
With the old man up in the sky
Who limits him and smothers him
But never seems to dignify
What the devil is doin’

It’s somehow irritating
And a little bit scary
When the devil takes you as his fellowman
Though you don’t feel very evil
Or bad or underhanded
But when the devil calls you should be at command

When I’m talking with the devil
We don’t get too profound
He likes that I’m not asking much
He thinks we share a common ground
The devil’s got my number

He’s bored with all the satanists
And death metal bands
Who worship him with stolidness
When they try to be his best friends
The devil’s got my number

Sometimes he thinks he’s bored
A simple prison warden
For all bad guys and all the naughty girls
How could he be ignored
And underestimated
There has to be some credit after all

Sometimes he calls me Marty
And I better not disagree
When I ask him why he picked me up
He says he likes my tranquillity
The devil’s got my number