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Titel Strange Feeling
Komposition Tim Buckley, 1968
Originalinterpret Tim Buckley
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Gefundene Versionen
Interpret Titel Label/Jahr Platz
Tim Buckley "Happy Sad" Elektra, 1969
Camper Van Chadbourne "The Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio Love Album" Fundamental, 1988
Hothouse Flowers "I Can See Clearly Now" London/FFRR, 1990
Tim Buckley "Dream Letter - Live In London 1968" Demon, 1990
Tim Buckley "Live At The Troubadour 1969" Bizarre/Straight, 1994
Lilys "Sing A Song For You (Tribute To Tim Buckley)" Manifesto, 2000
Tim Buckley "Copenhagen Tapes" 2000

I got this strange - strange feelin'
deep down in my heart
I can't tell what it is
But it won't let go
It happens every time
I give you more than what I have
But now all I need is a little time
to sing this song and I think we're gonna find
a way to lose this strange feelin' all around

I feel ya, darlin', feel ya darlin' when you're home all alone
Oh, don't you need somebody to talk your troubles to
Ah, lord I know I wanna catch
The morning train, lord the break of day
Oh, I long to hear you say:
"We're gonna take that strange feelin', oh Timmy, all away"

Well it's just like a mockingbird a-singing on a hillside
Chirping at his morning song
But don't you weep don't you fret don't you wail don't you moan
Can't you hear that whiporwill a-callin?
Now don't you worry
Your daddy's comin' home
He's gonna chase those blues away
And believe me when I say
We're gonna lose that strange feelin' all around all around