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Titel Sorry Laura
Komposition Michael Mann, 1991
Originalinterpret Rusty Nails
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Rusty Nails "But Not The Blue Number" S.T.G., 1992

I'm sorry, Laura
For what I did last night
So sad it happened
I acted like a little child
I miss you, Laura
I scared myself when I scared you
Really miss you, my true lover
Guess there's nothing anymore I could do

I let you go didn't say good night
Or good-bye or at least I love you
Thinking of the man that was so cool last night
Hard to see but it really was me

I'm sorry, Laura
For all the crap I said
So sorry, my dear friend
So little reason such a bitter end
I need you, Laura
Can't you see the state I'm in
Please help me, Laura
Won't you kiss me like I've never been

Maybe I'm hooked on always being right
Makes me sometimes start a crazy fight
I sticked to my view you were hurt so bad
Got what I wanted but lost what I had