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Titel So To Say
Komposition Michael Mann, 2022
Originalinterpret Waiting For Louise
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Info Ich hab ein paar Akkorde geklimpert, die mir in den Sinn kamen, und mich gefragt: ist das jetzt Jazz? Wohl nicht. Aber vielleicht Yachtrock?

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Waiting For Louise "Rain Meditation" E=MC², 2023

Each morning when I wake up
A daring sense of self-deception
Although you still can see me
Doesn’t mean that I am really there
I wander through my corridors
And differ all that's mine from yours
So to say
In a way

Each morning when I wake up
I stumble on my way to the bathroom mirror
I take a minute and ask my self
Hey self, what are we doing here?
But me and self we never will agree
Or work together in harmony
So to say
In a way

We are just two sides of a cheap old coin
Two loose ends that will never join again
We keep on keeping on, that's true
But a break is somehow overdue