Song To The Siren: Waiting For Louise covern David Grisman 

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Waiting For Louise covern David Grisman

Titel Song To The Siren
Komposition Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett, 1967
Originalinterpret Tim Buckley
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Gefundene Versionen
Interpret Titel Label/Jahr Platz
Pat Boone "Departure" Polydor/Tetragrammaton, 1969
Tim Buckley "Starsailor" Straight, 1970
This Mortal Coil "It'll End In Tears" 4AD, 1985
Laurie Freelove "Smells Like Truth" Chrysalis/Ensign, 1991
Cul De Sac "Ecim" 1992
Beasts Of Paradise "Gathered On The Edge" 1995
Sally Oldfield "Secret Songs" 1996
The Geoff Smith Band "Black Flowers" 1997
The King "Gravelands" EMI, 1999
The Czars "Sing A Song For You (Tribute To Tim Buckley)" Manifesto, 2000
Susheela Raman "Salt Rain" 2001
Tim Buckley "The Dream Belongs to Me: Rarities & Unreleased 1968-1973" Manifesto, 2001
Damon & Naomi "Song To The Siren: Live In San Sebastian" Sub Pop, 2002
Robert Plant "Dreamland" Mercury, 2002
The Sheiling "Remnants" Umbrella Head, 2003
Engineers "Dream Brother: The Songs Of Tim + Jeff Buckley" Full Time Hobby, 2005
The Czars "Sorry I Made You Cry" Bella Union, 2006
James Yorkston "Roaring The Gospel" Domino, 2007
Songs To The Siren "Songs To The Siren" E=MC², 2007
David Gray "A Thousand Miles Behind" IHT, 2007
Comebuckley "Salmon In A Ring-Shaped River" Rec Rec, 2007
Julienne Taylor "Songs To The Siren" Sony, 2008
John Frusciante "The Empyrean" EMI, 2009
Songs To The Siren "Songs To The Siren 2" E=MC², 2010
Bryan Ferry "Olympia" Virgin, 2010
Gravenhurst "The Prize" Warp, 2012
Songs To The Siren "Songs To The Siren 3" E=MC², 2014
Shotgun Chamber Trio "Themes And Dances" Meta, 2014